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Abuse of authority by the UN: Sexual exploitation and abuse of children covered up

In reviewing the UN’s response to the Allegations on the ground, the Panel finds that the head of HRJS and the SRSG of MINUSCA both committed an abuse of authority. As head of the mission and the most senior UN official in CAR, the SRSG of MINUSCA was the person most able to intervene with officials to hold the perpetrators accountable and to stop the abuses from reoccurring. Yet despite being made aware of the Allegations on a number of occasions, he took no steps to ensure that follow up occurred. The security situation in CAR and the absence of clear guidelines with respect to non-UN command troops provide some context to the SRSG’s conduct. However, they do not justify his persistent failure to take action in the face of the seriousness of the Allegations. Rather, his failure to take steps to prevent the sexual abuse of children or to ensure the accountability of the perpetrators was a total abdication of his responsibility to uphold human rights in the implementation of MINUSCA’s mandate. Similarly, the actions of the head of HRJS show an outright disregard for his obligations as head of the human rights component of the UN mission in CAR. For example, he neither considered that protection of the children at risk was his responsibility nor acknowledged that the Allegations brought to light what could potentially be systematic violations which required urgent action to halt further abuse, identify the perpetrators, and ensure that they were held accountable. He also failed to follow up with other children who were allegedly abused. Instead, he appears to have been preoccupied by the political sensitivity of the Allegations.
Taking Action on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Peacekeepers

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