The Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations:
Shaping the Moral. Spiritual, Cultural Political, and Economic Decline of The United States of America.

By Dr. John D. Coleman


Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of 
the United States. 

The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations has had a profound effect on 
the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic policies of the United 
States of America and Great Britain. It has been in the front line of the 
attack on the U.S. Constitution and State constitutions. No group did 
more to propagandize the U.S. to participate in the WWI at a time when 
the majority of the American people were opposed to it. 

Much the same tactics were used by the Social Science scientists at 
Tavistock to get the United States into WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia 
and both wars against Iraq. Tavistock began as a propaganda creating and 
disseminating organization at Wellington House in London in the run-up 
to WWI, what Toynbee called "that black hole of disinformation." On 
another occasion Toynbee called Wellington House "a lie factory." From 
a somewhat crude beginning, Wellington House evolved into the 
Tavistock Institute and went on to shape the destiny of Germany, Russia, 
Britain and the United States in a highly controversial manner. The 
people of these nations were unaware that they were being 
"brainwashed." The origin of "mind control," "inner directional 
conditioning" and mass "brainwashing" is explained in an easy to 
understand book written with great authority. 

The fall of dynasties, the Bolshevik Revolution, WWI and WWII saw the 
destruction of old alliances and boundaries, the convulsions in religion, 
morals, family life, economic and political conduct, decadence in music 
and art can all be traced back to mass indoctrination (mass brainwashing) 
practiced by the Tavistock Institute Social Science scientists. Prominent 
among Tavistock's faculty were Edward Bernays, the double nephew of 
Sigmund Freud. It is said that Herr Goebbels, Propaganda Minister in the 
German Third Reich used methodology devised by Bernays as well as 
those of Willy Munzenberg, whose extraordinary career is touched upon 
in this work about the past, present and future. Without Tavistock, there 
would have been no WWI and WWII, no Bolshevik Revolution, Korea, 
Vietnam, Serbia and Iraq wars. But for Tavistock, the United States 
would not be rushing down the road to dissolution and collapse. 




1. Founding the World's Premiere Brainwashing Institute 1 

2. Europe falls off the precipice 9 

3. How "times" were made to change 13 

4. Social engineering and the Social scientist 19 

5. Do we have what H.G. Wells called "An Invisible 
Government?" 25 

6. Mass communications ushers in the polling industry 29 

7. The making of public opinion 33 

8. Degrading women and decline of moral standards 37 

9. How individuals and groups react to blending fact with Fiction 

10. Polling comes of age 47 

1 1 . The paradigm shift in education 5 1 

12. Lewin's doctrine of "identity change" 57 


13. The Induced Decline of Western Civilization between two 
World Wars 61 

14. America is not a "Homeland" 69 

15. The Media's role in propaganda 79 
16.Scientific propaganda can deceive the very elect 85 

17. Propaganda and Psychological Warfare 89 

18. Wilson gets the U.S. into WWI, thanks to propaganda 95 
19. Is history being repeated? The case of Lord Bryce 99 

20. The Black Art of successful Lying: Gulf War 1991. 109 

21. The Soldiers Memorial and WWI cemeteries 113 

22. Peace is not Popular 121 

23. The Tavistock Institute: Britain's Control of the U.S. 133 

24. Brainwashing saves a U.S. President 145 

25. Tavistock's assault on the U.S. 153 

26. How mediocre politicians, actors and singers are "puffed." 


27. The Tavistock formula that got the U.S. into WWII 165 

28. How Tavistock makes well people sick 173 

29. Topological psychology gets the U.S. into the war in Iraq 

30. My choice of candidate, not my choice 195 

31. Zero Growth in Agriculture and Industry: Americas Post 
Industrial Society 207 

32. Exposing the upper level parallel secret 
government 213 

33. Interpol in the U.S.: 

Its origin and purpose exposed 22 1 

34. The Cults of the East India Company 233 

35. The Music Industry: 

Mind control, Propaganda and War 243 



My very great debt - an immense one - for the help, 
encouragement and hard and long hours, sound criticism and 
encouragement on this book that my wife Lena, and our son 
John provided at every stage of its preparation, including 
suggestions for the cover design, research and proof reading. 

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Dana Fames for his untiring 
computer work and technical assistance; to Ann Louise 
Gittleman, and James Templeton, who encouraged me to 
write this book and gave me no peace until I began it; to 
Renee and Grant Magan for doing the daily work, leaving me 
free to concentrate on writing. My particular thanks also to 
Dr. Kinne McCabe and Mike Granston whose faithful and 
steadfast support was a key factor in enabling me to finish 
the work. 


The Tavistock Institute of Human 
Relations: Shaping the 

Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and 
Economic Decline of the United States of 


The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was unknown to 
the people of the United States before Dr. Coleman exposed 
its existence in his monograph, The Tavistock Institute of 
Human Relations: Britain's Control of the United States. Up 
to that time, Tavistock had successfully retained its secretive 
role in shaping the affairs of the United States, its 
government and its people since its early beginning in 
London, in 1913 at Wellington House. 

Since Dr. Coleman's original article exposing this ultra- 
secret organization, others have come forward with claims 
of authorship, which they were unable to substantiate. 

Tavistock began as a propaganda creating and disseminating 
organization centered at Wellington House, which was where 
the original organization was put together with intent of 
shaping a propaganda outlet that would break down the stiff 
public resistance being encountered to the looming war 
between Britain and Germany. 


The project was given to Lords Rothmere and Northcliffe and 
their mandate was to produce an organization capable of 
manipulating public opinion and directing that manufactured 
opinion down the desired pathway to support for a declaration 
of war by Great Britain against Germany. 

Funding was provided by the British royal family, and later by 
the Rothschilds to whom Lord Northcliffe was related through 
marriage. Arnold Toynbee was selected as Director of Future 
Studies. Two Americans, Walter Lippmann and Edward 
Bemays were appointed to handle the manipulation of 
American public opinion in preparation for the entry of the 
United States into WWI, and to brief and direct President 
Woodrow Wilson. 

From a somewhat crude beginning at Wellington House, 
grew an organization that was to shape the destiny of 
Germany, Britain and more especially the United States in 
manner that became a highly sophisticated organization to 
manipulate and create public opinion, what is commonly 
termed, "mass brainwashing." 

During the course of its evolvement, Tavistock expanded in 
size and ambition, when in 1937, a decision was made to use 
the German author Oswald Spengler's monumental work, 
Untergange des Abenlandes (The Decline of Western 
Civilization) as a model. 

Previously, Wellington House board members Rothmere, 
Northcliffe, Lippmann, and Bernays had read and proposed 
as a guide the writings of Correa Moylan Walsh, in 
particular, the book The Climax of Civilization (1917) as 
corresponding closely to conditions that had to be created 
before a New World Order in a One World Government 
could be ushered in. 


In this endeavor the members of the board consulted with the 
British royal family and obtained the approval of the 
"Olympians" (the inner core of the Committee of 300) to 
formulate a strategy. Funding was provided by the monarchy, 
the Rothschilds, the Milner Group and the Rockefeller family 

In 1936, Spengler's monumental work had come to the 
attention of what had become the Tavistock Institute. In 
preparation for changing and reshaping public opinion for the 
second time in less than twelve years, by unanimous consent 
of the board, Spengler's massive book was adopted as the 
blueprint for a new working model to bring about the decline 
and fall of Western civilization necessary to create and 
establish a New World Order inside a One World 

Spengler held it bound to happen that alien elements would be 
introduced into Western civilization in increasing numbers, 
and that the West would fail at that time to expel the aliens, 
thereby sealing its fate, a society, whose inward beliefs and 
sound convictions would become at variance with its outward 
profession and thus Western civilization would fall by the 
wayside in the manner of the ancient civilizations of Greece 
and Rome. 

Tavistock thinking was that Spengler had indoctrinated 
Western civilization to believe that it would err on the side of 
Roman civilization, and expel the aliens. The genetic loss 
that has fallen upon Europe-and especially on Scandinavia, 
England, Germany, France-(the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic Alpine 
Germanic races) that began just before the Second World War 
is already so great as to be beyond expectations, and 
continues at an alarming pace under the skilled guidance of 
the Tavistock managers. 


What was a very rare instance became a common occurrence, 
a black man married to a white women or vice-versa. 

The two World Wars cost the German nation almost one 
quarter of its population. Most of the intellectual energies of 
the German nation were diverted into war channels in defense 
of the Fatherland at the expense of science, arts, literature, 
music and the cultural, spiritual and moral advancement of 
the nation. The same could be said of the British nation. The 
blaze kindled by the British under the direction of Tavistock 
set all of Europe on fire, and did incalculable damage 
according to the Tavistock blueprint that matched Spengler's 

Classical and Western are the only two civilizations that 
could bring a modem renaissance to the world. They had 
flourished and progressed just as long as these civilizations 
remained under the control of the Anglo-Saxon Nordic 
Alpine, Germanic races. The unsurpassed beauty of their 
literature, art, their classics, spiritual and moral advancement 
of the female sex with a very large corresponding degree of 
protection, was what distinguished Western and Classic 
civilizations from others. 

It was this bastion that Spengler saw coming under increasing 
attack and the thinking at Tavistock ran on parallel tracks, but 
with a totally different goal. Tavistock saw this civilizations a 
stumbling block to ushering a New World Order, as did the 
emphasis on protection and elevation of the female sex to a 
place of high respect and honor. 


Thus the whole thrust of Tavistock was to "democratize" the 
West by an attack on womanhood, and the racial, moral, 
spiritual and religious foundation upon which Western 
civilization rested. 

As Spengler suggested, the Greeks and Romans were devoted 
to the social, religious, moral and spiritual advancement and 
the preservation of womanhood and they were successful for 
just as long as they were in control and could arrange matters 
so that government was carried out by a limited number of 
responsible citizens supported by the general populace below 
them, all being of the same pure unadulterated race. The 
planners at Tavistock saw that the way to upset the balance of 
Western civilization was to force unwelcome changes in the 
race by removing control from the deserving to the 
undeserving in the manner of ancient Roman leaders who 
were supplanted by their former slaves and aliens, whom they 
had permitted to come and dwell among them. 

Tavistock, by 1937, had come a long way from its 
Wellington House beginnings and the successful propaganda 
campaign that had turned the British public from being 
strongly anti-war in 1913 to willing participants through the 
arts of manipulation with the willing cooperation of news 
communications media. 

The technique was carried across the Atlantic in 1916 to 
manipulate the American people to support of the war in 
Europe. In spite of the fact that the vast majority, including at 
least 50 U.S. Senators were adamantly opposed to the U.S. 
getting dragged into what they perceived was essentially a 
quarrel between Britain and France on the one hand, and 
Germany on the other, largely over trade and economics, the 
conspirators were undeterred. At that point Wellington House 
introduced the word, "Isolationists" as a 


derogatory description of those Americans who opposed U.S. 
participation in the war. The use of such words and phrases 
has proliferated under the expert brainwashing of the Social 
sciences scientists at Tavistock. Terms like "regime change," 
"collateral damage" became almost new English language. 

With the Tavistock plan modified to suit American 
conditions, Bemays and Lippmann led President Woodrow 
Wilson to set up the very first Tavistock methodology 
techniques for polling (manufacturing) so-called public 
opinion created by Tavistock propaganda. They also taught 
Wilson to set up a secret body of "managers" to run the war 
effort and a body of "advisors" to assist the President in his 
decision-making. The Creel Commission was the first such 
body of opinion-makers set up in the United States. 

Woodrow Wilson was the first American president to 
publicly proclaim himself in favor of a Socialist New World 
Order inside a Socialist One World Government. His 
remarkable acceptance of the New World Order is found in 
his book The New Freedom. 

We say "his" book, but actually, it was written by Socialist 
William B. Hayle. Wilson denounced capitalism. "It is 
contrary to the common man and it has brought stagnation to 
our economy," Wilson wrote. 

Yet, at the time, the United States economy was enjoying 
prosperity and industrial expansion as it had never 
experienced before in its history: 

"We stand in the presence of a revolution — not a bloody 
revolution, America is not given to spilling blood — but a 
silent revolution, whereby America will insist upon 
recovering to practice those ideals which she has always 


professed, upon securing a government devoted to the 
general and not the special interests. We are upon the 
threshold of a time when the systematic life of the country 
will be sustained or at least supplemented at every point by 
government activity. And now we have to determine what 
kind of a government activity it shall be; whether, in the first 
place, it shall be directed from government itself, or whether 
it shall be indirect, through instrumentalities which have 
already constituted themselves and which stand ready to 
supersede government." 

While the U.S. was still a neutral power under the Wilson 
presidency, Wellington House poured out a cadence of lies 
about Germany, and what a threat it was to America. 

We are reminded of the statement made by Bakunin in 1814 
as it tied in so well with the outrageous propaganda that 
Wilson made use of to bolster his case: 

"Lying by diplomacy: Diplomacy has no other mission. 
Every time a State wants to declare war upon another State, 
it starts off by launching a manifesto addressed not only to 
its own subjects but also to the whole world. 

In this manifesto it declares that right and justice are on its side 
and endeavors to prove that it is actuated by love of peace 
and humanity (and democracy), and that, imbued with 
generous and peaceful sentiments, it suffered for a long time 
in silence until mounting iniquity of its enemy forced it to 
bare its sword. " 

"At the same time it vows that, disdainful of all material 
conquest and not seeking any increase in territory, it will put 
an end to this war as soon as justice is reestablished. And its 
antagonist's answer with a similar manifesto, in which, 
naturally, right, justice and humanity and all 


generous sentiments are to be found respectively on its side. 
These mutually opposed manifestos are written with the same 
eloquence, they breath the same righteous indignation, and 
one is just as sincere as the other, that is to say they are both 
brazen in their lies, and it is only fools who are deceived by 
them. Sensible persons, all those who have some political 
experience do not even take the trouble of reading such 

President Wilson's statements just before he went to the 
Congress to request a constitutional declaration of war 
embodies every one of Bakunin's sentiments. 

He was "lying by diplomacy" and he used the gross 
propaganda manufactured at Wellington House to inflame the 
American public by tales of atrocities committed by the 
German Army in its march across Belgium in 1914. As we 
shall discover, it was, for the most part, a gigantic lie passed 
off as truth. 

I remember looking through a large stack of old newspapers 
at the British Museum where I spent five years doing in- 
depth research. The papers covered the years 1912 to 1920. 

I recall thinking at the time: "Isn't it amazing that the rush to 
the New World Order Socialist totalitarian government 
should be led by the United States, supposedly a bastion of 

Then, as I recall, it came to me with great clarity that the 
Committee of 300 has its people at the highest and lowest 
echelons embedded in the U.S., in banking, industry, trade, 
defense, the State Department and indeed in the very White 
House, not to mention the Elite Club called the U.S. Senate, 
which in my view is a forum for pushing the New World 


I recall thinking that President Wilson's propaganda blast 
against Germany and the Kaiser (actually the product of 
Rothschild agents Lords Northcliffe and Rothmere, and the 
Wellington House propaganda factory) was not much 
different to the "contrived situation" of Pearl Harbor, the 
Gulf of Tonkin "incident" and looking back now I can see no 
difference between the propaganda lies about the brutality 
of German soldiers allegedly chopping off the arms and legs 
of little Belgian children in 1914, than the methods used to 
get the American people duped and doped into allowing the 
Bush administration to invade Iraq. Whereas in 1914 it was 
the Kaiser who was a "brute savage," a "ruthless murderer", 
a "monster", the "Butcher of Berlin", in 2002 it was 
President Hussein who was all of these things and a whole 
lot more, including the "Butcher of Baghdad!" Poor duped, 
deluded, deceived, connived, trustful, America! When will 
you ever learn? 

In 1917 the New World Order agenda was being rushed 
through the House and Senate by Woodrow Wilson, and 
President Bush forced the New World Order agenda for Iraq 
through the House and Senate in 2002 without debate, an 
exercise in arbitrary power and a gross violation of the U.S. 
Constitution for which the American people are paying a 
huge price. But the American people are suffering from toxic 
shock induced by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations 
and the American people are in a state of sleepwalking and 
without leadership. 

They do not know what the price is and do not care to find 
out. The Committee of 300 continues to rule the United 
States, just as it did in the Wilson and Roosevelt 
presidencies, while the American people were distracted with 
"bread and circuses" only today it is baseball, football, endless 
Hollywood, and Social Security. Nothing has changed. 


The United States, harried, hounded, pushed and shoved is 
headed of a fast track to the New World Order, propelled 
along by the Radical Republicans of the War Party who have 
been taken over by the scientists at the Tavistock Institute for 
Human Relations. 

Just recently I was asked by a subscriber "where do we find 
the Tavistock Institute?" My response was: "Look around the 
U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, the White House, 
the State Department, the Defense Department, Wall Street, 
Fox T.V. (Faux T.V.) and you will see their change agents in 
every one of these places." 

President Wilson was the first U.S. president to "manage" the 
war through a civilian committee guided and directed by the 
Bemays and Lippmann from Wellington House, to which we 
have already made mention. 

The resounding success of Wellington House and its 
enormous influence on the course of American history began 
before that in 1913. Wilson had spent almost a year tearing 
down the protective trade tariffs that had defended the 
American domestic markets from being overwhelmed by 
"Free Trade," essentially the practice of allowing cheap 
British goods made with cheap labor in India to flood the 
American market. On October 12, 1913 Wilson signed the bill 
that was the beginning of the end of the unique American 
middle class, long the target of the Fabian Socialists. The bill 
was described as a measure to "adjust tariffs," but it would 
have been accurate to describe it as a bill to "destroy tariffs." 

Such was the hidden power of Wellington House that the vast 
majority of the American people accepted this lie, not 
knowing or realizing that it was a death knell for American 
commerce that would lead to NAFTA, GATT and the 


World Trade Organization (WTO). Even more astonishing 
was the acceptance of the Federal Income Tax Act that was 
passed on September 5, 1913, to replace trade tariffs as the 
source of revenue for the Federal Government. Income Tax is 
a Marxist doctrine not found in the U.S. Constitution 
anymore than the Federal Reserve Bank is found in the 
Constitution. Wilson called his twin blows against the 
Constitution, "a fight for the people, and for free business," 
and said he was proud to have taken "part in the completion of 
a great piece of business..." The Federal Reserve Act, 
explained by Wilson as "reconstructing the Nation's banking 
and currency system" was rushed through on a flood-tide of 
propaganda emanating from Wellington House, just in time 
for the hostilities that began the horror of WWI. 

Most historians are agreed that without passage of the Federal 
Reserve Bank Act, Ford Grey would not have been able to 
start that terrible conflagration. 

The deceptive language of the Federal Reserve Act was 
under the guidance of Bemays and Fippman who set up a 
"National Citizen's Feague" with the notorious Samuel 
Untermeyer as its chairman, to promote the Federal Reserve 
Bank, that secured control of the people's money and 
currency and transferred it to a private monopoly without the 
victim's consent. 

One of the most interesting pieces of history surrounding the 
imposition of the foreign financial slavery measure was that 
before it was sent to Wilson for his signature, a copy was 
given to the sinister Colonel Edward Mandel House as the 
representative of Wellington House and the British oligarchy 
represented by the banker, J.P. Morgan. 


As to the American people, in whose name the disastrous 
measure was instituted, they had not the faintest idea how 
they had been connived, cheated, lied to and utterly deceived. 
An instrument of slavery was fastened around their necks 
without the victims ever becoming aware of it. 

Wellington House methodology was at its height when 
Wilson was coached in how to persuade Congress to declare 
war on Germany, although he had won election on the 
solemn promise to keep America out of the war then raging 
in Europe, a great triumph for the new art of public opinion 
making. It was just that - the poll questions were shaded in 
such away that the answers reflected the opinions of the 
public; not their understanding of the questions, nor their 
understanding of the processes of political science. 

A thorough search and reading of the Congressional Records 
from 1910 to 1920 by this writer showed very clearly that had 
Wilson not signed the iniquitous "currency reform" bill on 
December 23, 1913, the upper-level parallel secret 

government of the United States foretold by H.G. Wells 
would not have been able to commit the vast resources of the 
United States to the war in Europe. 

The House of Morgan representing the "Olympians" of the 
Committee of 300, and its all powerful City of London 
financial nexus, played a leading role in shaping the "U.S. 
Federal Reserve Banks," which were neither "Federal" nor 
"banks," but a private money-generating monopoly fastened 
around the necks of the American people whose money was 
now free to be stolen on an unimaginable scale, making them 
slaves of the New World Order inside the coming One World 
Government. The Great Depression of the 1930s was the 
second major catastrophic bill the American people had to 
pay, the first being World War I. (See Appendix) 


Those who read this book as a first introduction to the New 
World Order inside a One World Government will be 
skeptical; but consider that no less a personage than the great 
Sir Harold Mackinder did not hide his beliefs about its 

More than that, he gave notice that it might be a dictatorship. 
Sir Harold had an impressive resume (CV) having been 
Professor of Geography at the University of London; a 
director of the London School of Economics from 1903-1908 
and a Member of Parliament from 1910-1922. He was also a 
close associate of Arnold Toynbee one of the leading lights at 
Wellington House. He had correctly predicted a core of 
startling geopolitical events, many of them actually coming 
to pass. 

One such "prophecy" was the founding of two Germanys, the 
Social Democratic Republic of Germany and the Federal 
Republic of Germany. Critics suggested that he got the 
information from Toynbee; that it was merely the long range 
planning of the Committee of 300 that Toynbee knew about. 

After Wellington House, Toynbee moved to the Royal 
Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), and then to London 
University where he held the chair for International History. 
In his book, America and World Revolution he said: 

"If we are to avoid mass-suicide, we must have our world- 
state quickly and this probably means that we must have it in 
a non-democratic form to begin with. We will have to start 
building a world-state now on the best design that is 
practicable at the moment." 


Toynbee went on in a forthright manner saying this "world 
dictatorship" would have to supplant "the local national states 
which litter the present political map." 

The new world-state was to be brought about on the basis of 
mass mind control and propaganda that would make it 
acceptable. I explained in my book The Committee of 300, 
that Bernays "blew the whistle" on polling in his 1923 and 
1928 books, Propaganda, and Crystallizing Public Opinion. 

This was followed by Engineering Consent: 

Self-preservation, ambition, pride, hunger, love of family and 
children, patriotism, imitativeness, the desire to be a leader, 
love of play-these and other drives are the psychological raw 
materials which every leader must take into account in his 
endeavor to win the public to his point of view... To maintain 
their self-assurance, most people need to feel certain that 
whatever they believe about anything is true. 

These revealing works are examined and we should add that 
in writing them, the Tavistock hierarchy apparently felt secure 
enough to gloat over their control of the United States and 
Great Britain that had blossomed into an open conspiracy 
along the lines first suggested by H.G. Wells. 

With the advent of Wellington House, funded by the British 
monarchy and later by Rockefeller, Rothschild and the 
United States, Western civilization entered into the first 
phase of a plan that would provide a secret government to 
rule the world, namely, the Committee of 300. 


Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was its creation. As 
this book is not about the Committee of 300, we would 
suggest that readers obtain copies of the first and second 
book, The Committee of 300. 

The "300's" carefully structured blueprint has been followed 
to the letter and today as we reach the end of 2005, looking 
back it is fairly easy for knowledgeable persons to trace the 
course that was laid out for Western civilization and to mark 
its progression to the point where we are today. This book is 
an attempt to do just that. 



Founding the World's Premiere Brainwashing Institute 

From its modest but vitally important beginning at 
Wellington House, the Tavistock Institute for Human 
Relations expanded rapidly to become the world's premier 
top-secret "brainwashing" institute." How this rapid 
progression was accomplished needs to be explained. 

The modern science of mass manipulation of public opinion 
was bom at Wellington House, Fondon, the lusty infant being 
midwifed by Ford Northcliffe and Ford Rothmere. 

The British monarchy, Ford Rothschild, and the Rockefellers 
were responsible for funding the venture. The papers we were 
privileged to examine showed that the purpose of those at 
Wellington House was to effect a change in the opinion of 
the British people who were adamantly opposed to war with 
Germany, a formidable task that was accomplished by 
"opinion making" through polling. The staff consisted of 
Arnold Toynbee, a future director of studies at the Royal 
Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), Fords Norhcliffe, 
and the Americans, Walter Fippmann and Edward Bemays. 

Bemays was born in Vienna on November 22, 1891. As the 
nephew of Sigmund Freud the father of psychoanalysis, 
regarded by many as "the father of public relations" although 
the title properly belongs to Willy Munzenberg. Bemays 
pioneered the use of psychology and other social sciences to 
shape and form public opinion so that the public thought such 
manufactured opinions were their own. 


"If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group 
mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses 
according to our will without them knowing it." Bernays 
postulated. He called this technique "Engineering Consent. 
One of his best-known techniques of achieving this goal was 
the indirect use of what he called third party authorities to 
shape the desired opinions: "If you can influence the leaders, 
either with or without their conscious cooperation, you 
automatically influence the group which they sway. This 
technique he called "opinion making." 

Perhaps we can now begin to understand how it was that 
Wilson, Roosevelt, Clinton, Bush the elder and the younger 
could so easily lead American into disastrous wars in which 
its people should never have become involved. 

The joint British and American participants concentrated 
their efforts on techniques as yet not tried out, to mobilize 
support for the war looming on the horizon. 

As previously stated, the British people did not want war, and 
said so, but Toynbee, Lippmann and Bemays expected to 
change that by applying techniques designed to manipulate 
public opinion through the use of polling. Herein we provide 
a review of the methods that were devised and executed to 
bring Great Britain and the United States into the First World 
War, plus the techniques that were put into practice between 
the two World Wars and beyond. As will be seen propaganda 
was to play a major role. 

One of the main objectives at Tavistock was to achieve the 
degradation of women. Tavistock recognized that Jesus 
Christ has brought a new place of respect in the order of 
civilization to womanhood, which prior to his coming had 
not been present. 


After Christ's ministry, womanhood gained a respect and a 
high place in society absent from pre-Christian civilizations. 
Of course it can be argued that such an elevated status existed 
in the Greek and Roman empires, and that would be true to a 
certain extent, but not to the extent that womanhood was 
elevated in post-Christ society. 

Tavistock sought to change that and the process began 
immediately after WWI. The Eastern Orthodox Church 
which the Rus (Viking) princes of Moscow brought back 
from Constantinople, revered and respected womanhood, and 
their experience with the Khazarians whom they 
subsequently defeated and drove out of Russia, left them 
determined to protect womanhood in Russia. 

The founder of the Romanov dynasty, Michael Romanov was 
the scion of a noble family that had defended Russia on the 
basis of a Christian country. From 1613 the Romanovs 
sought to ennoble Russia and imbue it with a great spirit of 
Christianity, which meant also, protection for and the 
honoring of Russian womanhood. 

The Princes of Moscow under Prince Dimitri Donskoi earned 
the unremitting hatred of the Rothschilds for Russia because 
of Donskoi's defeat and expulsion of the Khazarian hordes 
that inhabited the lower-regions of the Volga. This barbaric 
warrior nation of mysterious Indo-Turk origin, had adopted 
the Judaic religion on passage of a decree by King Bulant 
after the religion was approved by the chief Khazarian 
soothsayer-magician-sorcerer, David el-Roi. 

It was el Roi's personal flag, now called the "Star of David" 
that became the official flag of the Khazarian nation when 
they settled in Poland after being forced out of Russia. 


The flag was adopted by the Zionists as their standard and is 
still mistakenly called the "Star of David." Christians make 
the error of confusion linking it with the Old Testament King 
David, when in fact there is no relation between the two. 

The hatred of Russia was compounded in 1612 when the 
Romanov dynasty led a Russian Army against Poland taking 
back large parts of Poland that had formerly belonged to 

The principal architect of enmity brought to bear against 
Russia was the Rothschild dynasty and it was this burning 
hatred that Tavistock used and channeled in its plan to 
destroy Western civilization. 

The first opportunity created by Tavistock came in 1905 with 
the attack by the Japanese Navy that completely surprised the 
Russian Fleet. The exercise was ban kr olled by Jacob Schiff, 
the Wall Street banker, who was related to Rothschild. 

The defeat of the Russian fleet at Port Arthur in a surprise 
attack marked the beginning of the pall of gloom that was 
about to roll in over Christian Europe. The Rockefeller 
Standard Oil Group directed by Tavistock and with the aid of 
the "300" engineered the Russo-Japanese War. The money 
used to finance the operation came from Jacob Schiff, but 
was actually provided by the Rockefeller General Education 
Board, whose outward purpose was to finance Negro 
education. All of the propaganda and advertising for the 
board was written and crafted by the Social scientists at 
Tavistock, which was then called "Wellington House." 


In 1941 another Rockefeller front organization, the Institute 
for Pacific Relations (IPR) gave large sums to its Japanese 
counterpart in Tokyo. The money was then funneled to a 
member of the imperial family by Richard Sorge, a Russian 
master-spy, for the purposes of inducing Japan to attack the 
United States at Pearl Harbor. Again, Tavistock was the 
originator of all of IPR's publications. 

Although it was not yet evident, as Spengler was to mention 
in his monumental work, published in 1936, it marked the 
beginning of the end of the old order. Contrary to most 
establishment accounts of history, the "Russian" revolution 
was not a Russian revolution at all, but a foreign ideology 
backed primarily by the Committee of 300 and its arm, the 
Tavistock Institute, that was violently forced upon a startled, 
unprepared and dismayed Romanov family. 

It was political warfare, low grade warfare and psychological 
warfare in which Tavistock had become well versed. 

As Winston Churchill was to remark: "They transported 
Lenin in a sealed truck like a plague bacillus from 
Switzerland into Russia," and then once established "Lenin 
and Trotsky seized Russia by the hair of its head." 

Much has been written (but nearly always in passing as if it is 
a mere postscript to history) about the "sealed truck," "sealed 
car," "sealed train," that transported Lenin and his Bolshevik 
revolutionaries safely through the midst of war-tom Europe 
and deposited them in Russia, there to begin their imported 
Bolshevik Revolution so mistakenly termed the "Russian 


Documents the author was privileged to study at Wellington 
House and what was revealed in the Arnold Toynbee papers 
and Bruce Lockhart's private papers, led to the conclusion 
that without Toynbee, Bruce Lockhart of MI6 British 
intelligence and without the complicity of at least five 
European nations, ostensibly loyal and friendly with the 
Court at St. Petersburg, the merciless Bolshevik Revolution 
would have been still-bom. 

As this account must of necessity be limited to Tavistock's 
participation in the affair, it will not be as a complete account 
of the skullduggery we would liked to have presented. 
According to Milner's private papers his aides through 
Tavistock contacted a fellow Socialist Fritz Platten. (Milner 
was a leading Fabian Socialist although he scorned Sydney 
and Beatrice Webb.) It was Platten, who planned the logistics 
of the trip and oversaw it until the revolutionaries arrived in 

This was confirmed and borne out by the Wilhelmstrasse 
Files the majority of which we were able to gain access to, 
which files were open to certain people qualified to read 
them. They tallied fairly closely with Bruce Fockhart's 
account in his private papers as well as what Ford Alfred 
Milner had to say about the underhand affair that betrayed 
Russia. It appeared that Milner had many contacts among the 
Bolshevik expatriates among them, Fenin. It was to Ford 
Milner that Fenin went, when he needed money for the 
Revolution. Armed with a letter of introduction from Platten, 
Fenin met with Ford Milner and laid down his plan for the 
overthrow of the Romanov's and Christian Russia. 

Milner agreed on condition that he could send his agent 
Bruce Fockhart of MI6 to supervise the day-to-day affairs 
and report back on Fenin. 


Lord Rothschild and the Rockefellers demanded that they be 
allowed to send Sydney Reilly to Russia to supervise transfer 
of Russia's natural resources and the gold rubles held in the 
Central Bank to London. This was agreed to by Lenin, and 
later Trotsky. 

To seal the bargain, Lord Milner, on behalf of the 
Rothschilds, gave Lenin 60 millions pounds in gold 
sovereigns while the Rockefellers contributed around $40 
million dollars. 

Countries in complicity with the "sealed train" affair were 
Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden. 
While the United States was not directly involved, it must 
have been aware of what was going on. After all, on the 
orders of President Wilson, a brand new American passport 
was issued to Leon Trotsky, (whose real name was Lev 
Bronstein) so that he could travel in peace, although Trotsky 
was not a U.S. citizen. 

Lenin and his compatriots were provided with a private well- 
appointed rail carriage by the top German government 
functionaries and always kept locked by agreements with 
stations along the line. Platten was in charge and he laid 
down the rules for the trip, some of which are listed in the 
Wilhelmstrasse Files: 

The carriage was to remain locked for the entire trip. 

No one could board the carriage without Platten's 

The train would have extra territorial status. 

No passports were to be asked at borders. 

Tickets would be bought at regular prices. 

No "security issues" to be raised by the military or police 
of any country en-route. 


According to the Wilhelmstrasse Files, the trip was 
authorized and approved by General Ludendorff and Kaiser 
Wilhelm. Ludendorff went so far as to say that if Sweden 
refused to let the Bolsheviks pass, he would guarantee them 
passage into Russia through the German lines! As it turned 
out, the Swedish Government raised no objection and neither 
did the Finnish Government. 

One of the notable revolutionaries, who joined the train when 
it arrived at the German frontier with Switzerland, was 
Radek, who was to play a leading role in the bloody 
Bolshevik Revolution. There were some lighter moments too. 
The Wilhelmstrasse Files describe how the carriage missed 
its engine at Frankfurt, resulting in it being shunted to and fro 
for about 8 hours. 

The party had to de-train in the German Baltic town of 
Sasnitz where they were accorded "decent accommodation" by 
the German Government. The Swedish Government kindly 
gave them ferry transport to Malmo, from where they sailed 
to Stockholm, where "nice" accommodation awaited the 
Bolshevik party for an overnight layover and then it was on 
to the Finnish border. 

There, the intrepid Platten left the high-spirited party and the 
final journey into Russia was made by train to Petrograd. 
Thus an epic journey that began in Zurich, Switzerland, 
ended in Petrograd. Lenin had arrived on the scene and 
Russia was about to be brought low. And throughout, 
Bemays and Lippmann and their associates at Wellington 
House (Tavistock) kept up a steady flow of brainwashing 
propaganda that it is safe to conclude, duped much of the 


Europe falls off the precipice 


Europe after WWI and the close of the Bolshevik Revolution 
was forced to change according to the Tavistock blueprint. 
When, thanks to the British engendered and instigated First 
World War, Europe fell off a precipice into the end of their 
world, or perhaps it might be more appropriate to say, 
shambled along like zombies until the last of the era vanished 
into the darkness of the abyss, the forced changes became 
very much apparent. 

This is not a book about the First World War per se. 
Hundreds of thousands of words have been written about the 
cause and effects of the greatest tragedy ever to befall 
mankind, and yet it has not been adequately addressed and 
probably never will be. One thing that many writers -myself 
included - are agreed on. 

The war was started by Great Britain out of sheer hated of 
Germany's rapid progress toward becoming a major 
economic power in competition against Britain, and Lord 
Edward Grey was the principle architect of the war. 

That it was unpopular and not approved of by a large 
majority of the British people called for "special measures" a 
new department to handle the challenge. In essence, that is 
the reason why Wellington House came into existence. 

From such a small beginning, it progressed into the 
gargantuan Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, by 2005, 
the world's premier brainwashing institution and a most 
sinister force. That it will have to be confronted and put out 
of business if the United States is to survive as a 
constitutional Republic with a Republican form of 
government guaranteed to the 50 States is the considered 


opinion of a number of members of the U.S. Senate, who 
were consulted in preparation for this book, but who asked 
not to be named. 

The aftermath of the First World War and the failed attempts 
to form a League of Nations served only to emphasize the gap 
between the old Western civilization and the new. The 
economic disaster of postwar Germany hung like the smoke 
from a funeral pyre over Western culture adding to the 
dismal, sad and fearful climate that began in the 1920s. 

Historian agree that all of the combatants suffered economic 
ravage of varying degree, although Russia was somewhat 
spared, only to be destroyed by the Bolsheviks, while 
Germany and Austria were the hardest hit. A strange kind of a 
forced gaiety descended on Europe in the 1920s (in which I 
include Britain) and the United States. It was put down to 
"rebellious youth" and people generally being "sick of war 
and politics." In point of fact, people were reacting to the 
long-range penetration and inner-directional conditioning of 
the masters at Tavistock. 

In the period between the end of WWI and 1935, they were 
as much shell-shocked as were the troops who had survived 
the hell of the trenches with shot and shell flying all around 
them, only now, it was economic shot and shell and vast 
changes in social mores that numbed their senses. 

But the end result of the "treatment" was the same. People 
threw discretion to the winds and the moral rot that was set in 
motion in 1918, is ongoing and gathering momentum. In the 
state of forced gaiety, nobody saw the coming of the world 
economic crash and subsequent world depression. 


It is agreed by most historians that this condition was 
engineered and we are led to believe, that Tavistock played a 
role in the feverish publicity campaigns of various factions in 
that period. In support of our contention that the crash and 
depression was a contrived event. See Appendix of Events. 

Spengler foretold what was to happen and as it turns out his 
predictions were amazingly accurate. "Decadent society" and 
"loose women" characterized by the "flappers", and men in 
coats fitted with hip flasks, who demanded and got a 
lessening of female modesty that came in with higher 
hemlines, bobbed hair and excessive make-up, women 
smoking and drinking in public. As money became harder to 
come by and soup kitchen and unemployment lines grew 
longer, hemlines grew shorter, while the writings of Sinclair 
Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce and D.H. Lawrence 
drew gasps, the latest Broadway shows and nightclub acts 
revealed a lot more of women's hidden charms than ever 
before, and put them out on public display. 

It was noted by fashion designers in 1919 in the New Yorker 
magazine that "hemlines this year are six inches from the 
ground and very daring." 


How "times" were made to change 


But that was only the beginning. In 1935 with Hitler rising to 
power, guaranteed by the impossible conditions forced upon 
Germany at Versailles, hemlines were also rising to the dizzy 
height of the knees, except in Germany, where Hitler was 
demanding modesty from German womanhood and getting it, 
along with wholesome respect, which did not suit Tavistock's 

People who stopped to think at all said they hated the way 
"times are changing," but what they did not and could not 
know was that times were being made to change according to 
a carefully laid out Tavistock formula. Everywhere else in 
Europe and America the revolt was on as "emancipation" 
fever spread. 

In the United States it was silent screen idols who led the 
way, but this was no match with what was happening in 
Europe where every single "pleasure" was being indulged in, 
including homosexuality, that had long been hidden in 
darkness and never mentioned in polite society. 

Homosexuality emerged alongside lesbianism to shock 
disgust, and it seemed, to deliberately affront those who still 
lingered in the old order. 

A study of this aberration showed that homosexuality and 
lesbianism became rampant not out of any inner or latent 
desires, but as a means to "shocking" the old establishment 
with its rigid codes of good order. Music too suffered and 
"went to the dogs" in all manner of jazz and other "decadent" 


Tavistock was now in the most crucial stage of developing its 
plan that called for womanhood to be reduced to a lessening 
standard of morality and of feminine behavior never thought 
possible. Nations were in a state of numbness, "shell- 
shocked" by the radical changes forced upon them which 
seemed impossible to stop, in which a complete absence of 
female modesty reflected in learned behavioral attitudes that 
made the 1920s and 1930s, look like a ladies Sunday school 
teacher's convention. There was no stopping the "sexual 
revolution" that swept the world during that era and the 
planned degradation of womanhood that went with it. 

Some voices were heard, notably G.K. Chesterton and 
Oswald Spengler, but it was not enough to blunt the assault 
launched by the Tavistock Institute that had in effect 
"declared war on Western civilization." The effects of "long 
range penetration and inner directional conditioning" were 
everywhere to be observed. The moral, spiritual, racial, 
economic, cultural and intellectual bankruptcy we are in the 
midst of today is not some social phenomenon or the result of 
something abstract or sociological that just "happened". 
Rather it was the outcome of a carefully planned Tavistock 

What we are seeing is not accidental, some aberration of 
history. Rather it is the end product of a deliberately induced 
social and moral crisis evident everywhere and in such 
personages as Mick Jagger, Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears, 
"reality" television shows, "music" seemingly an amalgam of 
every base instinct, Fox News (Faux News,) near 
pornographic movies in mainstream theaters, advertising in 
which modesty and decency are cast to the winds, loud 
uncouth behavior in public places, especially in American 
restaurants; Katie Curie and a host other of 


female non-entities suddenly "created" to become highly- 
paid "television anchors" or talk show hosts, all of whom 
have been trained to talk in a hard, grating monotonous 
voices totally lacking in cadence, as if talking through 
clenched jaws, in a manner that is harsh, strident and hard on 
the ears. Whereas television news readers and "anchormen" 
had always been men, suddenly, there were no more than a 
dozen men in the field. 

We see it in non-entity "stars" in the movie industry that 
chum out movies of an increasingly low cultural standard. 
We see it also in the glorification of interracial marriages, 
divorce on demand, abortion, and blatant homosexual and 
lesbian behavior, in the loss of religious beliefs and in 
Western civilization family life. Such "stars" are Ellen 
DeGeneres, who have absolutely no talent and nothing of any 
cultural value to offer, are held up as models for 
impressionable young girls who are increasingly on parade 
with as much as 75 percent of their bodies exposed. We see it 
in a massive increase in drug addiction and all manner of 
social evil as in Canada passing a "law" making homosexual 
and lesbian "marriage" legal under the threadbare guise of 
"civil rights." 

We see it in wholesale corruption of the political system and 
constitutional mayhem where the House and Senate permits 
flagrant violations of the highest law in the land, at every 
level of government and nowhere more so than in the 
Executive branch of government, where every president since 
Roosevelt has taken powers to which the President is not 
entitled. We see it in the illicit taking of war powers by the 
President when such powers are explicitly denied to the 
Executive by the U.S. Constitution. 


We see it in a new dimension of constitutional disobedience 
added to an ugly list of "laws" not empowered by the 
Constitution, one of the most recent and most shocking being 
the U.S. Supreme Court's blatant exceeding of it powers in 
breaking down States rights and electing George Bush, the 
younger as the President. This had to be one of the most 
savage blows struck against the Constitution in the grossest 
contravention of the 10 th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution 
in the history of the United States. Yet, so dazed and shell- 
shocked are the American people that no protest was voiced, 
no mass demonstrations; no calls for the Supreme Court to be 
reined in. In this one incident alone, the power of Tavistock's 
"long range penetration and inner directional conditioning" 
proved to be a huge triumph. 

No, this condition of disintegration of our Republic in which 
we find ourselves in 2005 did not simply evolve; rather it is 
the end product of a carefully planned social engineering 
brainwashing project of immense proportions. The truth is 
reflected in the death throes of what was once the greatest 
nation on Earth. 

The physiological conditioning papers written by the social 
scientists at Tavistock are working well. Your reaction is a 
programmed one. You cannot think in any other way unless 
you make a supreme effort. 

Nor can you take steps to free yourself from this condition 
unless you can first identify the enemy and his plan for the 
dissolution of the United States and Europe in particular and 
the Western world in general. That enemy is called the 
Tavistock Institute for Human Relations and it has been at 
war with Western civilization since its earliest days before it 
found form and substance at Wellington House and from there 
evolved into its present facilities at Sussex University 


and the Tavistock Clinic in London. Before I unmasked this 
institution in 1969, it was unknown in the United States. It is 
without doubt the world's premier brainwashing social 
engineering establishment. 

We shall see what it achieved in its early days in pre-WWI 
England and since then in the run-up to WWII and post 
WWII to the present time. During WWII the Tavistock 
Institute was headquartered at the British Army Physiological 
Warfare Division. We have covered its history during its 
formative years at Wellington House and we now proceed to 
the pre- World War II and post WWII activities. 


Social engineering and the Social scientists 


Dr. Kurt Lewin was its chief theoretician who specialized in 
the teaching and application of topological psychology, 
which was and remains the most advanced method of 
behavior modification. Lewin was assisted by Major General 
John Rawlings Reese, Eric Trist, W.R. Bion, H.V. Dicks and 
several of the "greats" of brainwashing and social 
engineering like Margaret Meade and her husband, Gregory 
Bateson. Bemays was the top consultant right up to the time 
George Bush was placed in the White House by the Supreme 
Court. We do not want to get too technical and thus will not 
get into specifics of how they applied the Social Scientists 
sciences. Most will accept the generic term of "brainwashing" 
as an overall explanation of the activities of this, the "mother 
of all think tanks." 

It will come as no small surprise to learn that Lewin and his 
team founded the Stanford Research Center, the Wharton 
School of Economics, MIT and the National Institute of 
Mental Health among scores of other institutions fondly 
believed to be "American" institutions. During the course of 
years, the Federal Government contributed millions upon 
millions of dollars to Tavistock and its expanded web of 
interlinking institutions, while corporate America and Wall 
Street came up with matching amounts. 

We make bold to say that without the amazing growth and 
advances techniques for mass brainwashing developed by the 
Tavistock Institute, there would have been no Second World 
War, nor any of the wars that followed, and certainly not the 
two Gulf Wars, the second of which is still raging in 
November 2005. 


By the year 2000 there was hardly any aspect of life in 
America into which Tavistock's tentacles had not reached and 
that included every level of government from local to federal, 
industry, trade, education and the political institutions of the 
nation. Every mental and psychological aspect of the nation 
was analyzed, recorded, profiled and stored in computer 
memory banks. 

What has come out of this is what Tavistock calls "a three- 
system response" and it is how population groups react to 
stress resulting from "contrived situations" that become crisis 
management exercises. What we have in the U.S. and Britain 
is a government, that creates a situation viewed by its citizens 
as a crisis, and government then manages that "crisis." 

An example of a "contrived situation" was the Japanese 
attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. The attack on 
Pearl Harbor was "contrived" as previously explained herein 
with the transfer of Rockefeller cash to Richard Sorge the 
master spy, and then to a member of the imperial family to 
prompt Japan to fire the first shots so that the Roosevelt 
administration could take the United States into WWII. 

The economic strangulation of Japan by Britain and the 
United States unilaterally choking off the flow of essential 
raw materials to the island factory that was Japan, had 
reached a point where a decision was made to put an end to it. 

Tavistock played an enormous role in crafting the massive 
wave of anti- Japanese propaganda that swept the United 
States into the war in Europe via war against Japan. 


Unbearable economic pressure was put on Japan while at the 
same time the Roosevelt administration refused to 
"negotiate," until the Tokyo government could see no way 
out but to attack at Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt had conveniently 
obligingly shifted the Pacific Fleet into harm's way by 
moving it from its safe-haven at San Diego to Pearl Harbor, 
for absolutely no valid or strategic reason, thereby placing it 
squarely in reach of the Japanese Navy. 

Another example is more recent; the Gulf War that began 
when a hue and a cry was raised about Iraq's alleged stocks of 
nuclear and chemical weapons, the so-called "weapons of 
mass destruction," (WMD's.) The Bush administration and 
the Blair government knew the issue was a "contrived 
situation" without foundation or merit; they knew that there 
were no such weapons. Indisputable proof existed that 
Hussein's weapons program had been nullified after the 1991 
Gulf War and through continued brutal sanctions. 

In short, the two Western "leaders" were caught out in a web 
of lies, yet such is the power of the Committee of 300 and the 
brainwashing power of Tavistock, that they remained in 
office although it is an accepted fact that because of their lies, 
at least one million Iraqis and more than 2000 American 
servicemen dead and 25,999 wounded (Russia's GRU 
Military Intelligence figures) of which 53 percent are 
maimed, with the cost in monetary terms as of October 2005, 
exceeding $550 billion. 

The Iraqi death toll is the total of both Gulf Wars of which 
the majority are civilians who died from the lack of food, 
clean water and medicine as a result of the criminal sanctions 
imposed by the British and U.S. Governments under cover of 
the U.N. 


In carrying out sanctions against Iraq, the U.N. violated its 
own charter and from then on became a crippled institution 
lacking credibility. 

There is no parallel in history where a man holding the 
highest office was proved to be a liar and deceiver and yet 
could remain in power as if nothing had stained his office, a 
state of affairs that demonstrates the power of the Tavistock 
Institute's "long range penetration and inner conditioning" 
treatment of the American people, that would cause them 
docilely to accept such a turgid, horror-filled situation 
without ever taking to the streets in rage. 

Well did Henry Ford say that "people deserve the 
government they get" if the people do nothing to turn that 
government out of office, such as is the right of the American 
people under their U.S. Constitution, then they deserve to 
have liars and deceivers running their nation and their lives. 

On the other hand, the American people may well be going 
through the one of the three phases of what Dr. Fred Emery, 
at one time the senior psychiatrist at Tavistock, once 
described as "social environmental turbulence." According to 
Emery: "Large populations groups manifest the following 
symptoms when subjected to conditions of violent social 
changes, stress and turbulence which can be divided into 
well-defined categories: 

Superficiality is the condition that manifests itself when the 
threatened population group reacts by adopting shallow 
sloganeering, which they attempt to pass off as ideals." 

Very little "ego investment" takes place making the first 
phase a "maladaptive response" because, as Emery stated, 
"the cause of the crisis is not isolated and identified" and 


the crisis and tension is not abated, but continues for as long 
as the controller want it to last. The second phase of the crisis 
reaction (since the crisis is continuing), is "fragmentation", a 
condition in which panic strikes, "social cohesion" falls apart 
with the result that very small groups form and attempt to 
protect themselves from the crisis with little or no regard for 
the expense or cost to other fragmented, small groups. This 
phase Emery calls "passive maladaption," while still failing to 
identify the cause of the crisis. 

The third phase is when the victims turn away from the 
source of the induced crisis and the resulting tension. They 
take "fantasy trips of internal migration, introspection and 
obsession with self." This is what Tavistock calls 
"disassociation and self realization." Emery goes on to 
explain that "the passive maladaption responses are now 
coupled with "active maladaptive responses." 

Emery states that over the past 50 years that experiments in 
applied social psychology and resultant "crisis management" 
have taken over all aspects of life in America and the results 
are stored in the computers in the major "think tanks" such as 
Stanford University. The scenarios are taken out, used and 
revised from time to time and, according to Tavistock, "the 
scenarios are in operation at the present time." 

Translated this means that Tavistock has the majority of the 
American people profiled and brainwashed. If any part of the 
American public is ever able to identify the cause of the crises 
that have washed over this nation in the past seventy years, 
the social engineering structure built by Tavistock will come 
crashing down. But that has not yet happened. Tavistock 
continues to drown the American public in its sea of created 
public opinion. 


The social engineering developed by the Social Sciences 
scientists at Tavistock has been used as a weapon during this 
century's two world wars, especially World War I. The 
pollsters who developed it have been quite frank that they 
employ on the American population the same devices and 
methods used and experimented with against enemy 

Today, the manipulation-by-polls of public opinion has 
become a central technique in the hands of the social 
engineers and controllers of the Social scientists employed at 
Tavistock and its many "think tanks" located all over the 
United States and Britain. 



Do we have what H.G. Wells called "An Invisible 

As I have previously related, the modem science of making 
public opinion through advanced techniques of manipulating 
mass-opinion began at one of the West's most advanced 
propaganda factory situated in Britain at Wellington House. 
This facility dedicated to social engineering and creating 
public opinion at the commencement of World War I, was 
under the aegis of Lords Rothmere and Northcliffe, and the 
future director of studies of the Royal Institute of 
International Affairs (RIIA), Arnold Toynbee. Wellington 
House had an American Section, whose most prominent 
members were Walter Lippmann and Edward Bemays. As we 
discovered later, Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, 
a fact carefully hidden from public view. 

Jointly, they centered work on techniques to "mobili z e" 
support for World War I among the masses of people who 
were opposed to war with Germany. The public perception 
was that Germany was a friend of the British people, not an 
enemy and the British people saw no need to fight Germany. 
After all, was it not true that Queen Victoria was the cousin of 
Kaiser Wilhelm II? Toynbee, Lippmann and Bemays worked 
to persuade them that war was necessary, using the techniques 
of the new science through new arts of mass-manipulation via 
the communications media for its propaganda purposes 
tinged with willingness to lie, which was just getting into its 
stride, having learned a great deal of experience during the 
Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). 

It was not only the British public whose perception of events 
had to be altered, but also a recalcitrant American public. 


To this end Bernays and Lippmann were instrumental in 
getting Woodrow Wilson to establish the Creel Committee, 
which created the first body of methodological techniques for 
dissemination of successful propaganda and for the science 
of polling to secure the "correct" opinion. 

From the beginning the techniques were designed in such a 
way that polling (public opinion-making) was based on one 
obvious, but striking feature: — it was concerned with 
people's opinions, not with their understanding of the 
processes of science. Thus, by intent, the pollsters elevated an 
essentially irrational element of mind to a primary level of 
public focus. This was a conscious decision to undermine the 
grasps of reality of masses of people in an increasingly 
complex industrial society. 

If you have ever watched "Fox News" where viewers are 
given the results of a poll about "what Americans are 
thinking," and then for the next hour found yourself shaking 
your head and wondering what the results of the poll 
reflected about your own thinking processes, then you could 
only have felt more puzzled than ever. 

The key to understanding Fox News and the poll might lie in 
what Lippmann had to say about such matters. In his 1922 
book, Public Opinion, Lippmann outlined Tavistock's 
psychological warfare methodology. 

In an introductory chapter, "The World Outside and the 
Pictures in Our Heads," Lippmann stressed, "that the object 
of study of the public opinion social analyst is reality as 
defined by internal perception or images of that reality. 
Public opinion deals with indirect, unseen, and puzzling 
facts, and there is nothing obvious about them. The situations 
to which public opinions refer are known only as opinions...." 


"The pictures inside the heads of these human beings, the 
pictures of themselves, of others, of their needs, purposes, 
and relationship, are their public opinions. Those pictures, 
which are acted upon by groups of people, or by individuals 
acting in the name of groups, are Public Opinion with capital 
letters. The picture inside so often misleads men in their 
dealings with the world outside." 

From this evaluation, it is easy to take the next decisive step 
made by Bemays, — that the elites who run society can and 
do marshal the resources of mass communications to 
mobilize and alter the "herd" mind. 

One year after Lippmann's book, Bernays authored 
Crystallizing Public Opinion. He followed that in 1928 with 
a book entitled quite simply: Propaganda. 

In the first chapter, "Organizing Chaos" Bemays wrote: 

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized, 
habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in 
democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen 
mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, 
which is the true ruling power of our country. 

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, 
our ideas- suggested, largely by men, that we have never 
heard of... Our invisible governors are, in many cases, 
unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner 

Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, 
it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, 
whether in the sphere of politics or business, 


in our social conductor or our ethical thinking, we are 
dominated by the relatively small number of persons — a 
trifling fraction of our hundred arid twenty million — who 
understand the mental processes and social patterns of the 
masses. It is they who pull the wires, which control the public 
mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways 
to bind and guide the world. 

In Propaganda, Bemays followed his praise of the "invisible 
government" by underscoring the next phase that propaganda 
techniques would follow: 

As civilization has become more complex, and as the need 
for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, 
the technical means have been invented and developed by 
which opinion may be regimented. With the printing press 
and the newspaper, the telephone, telegraph, radio and 
airplanes, ideas can spread rapidly and even instantaneously 
over the whole of America. 

To back up his point, Bemays quoted the mentor of "public 
opinion manipulation," H. G. Wells. He cited a 1928 article 
in the New York Times in which Wells welcomed "modem 
means of communication" for "opening up a new world of 
political processes," and for allowing "the common design" 
to be "documented and sustained against perversion and 
betrayal." For Wells, the advent of "mass communication" 
leading up to television meant fantastic new paths for social 
control beyond the wildest dreams of the earlier mass- 
manipulation fanatics of the British Fabian Society. We shall 
return to this vitally important subject later herein. 



Mass communications ushers in the polling industry 

For Bemays, his recognition of Wells' idea won him a key 
place in the hierarchy of U.S. public opinion controllers; in 
1929, he won a position at CBS, which had recently been 
taken over by William Paley. 

By the same token, the advent of mass communications 
ushered in the polling/sampling industry, to organize the 
perceptions of the masses for the media mafia (part of the 
"invisible government" running the show from behind the 

By 1935-36, polling was in full swing. In the same year, 
Elmo Roper began his Fortune magazine FOR surveys, 
which evolved into his "What People Are Thinking" column 
for the New York Herald Tribune. 

George Gallup initiated the American Institute of Public 
Opinion; — in 1936 he opened up the British Institute of 
Public Opinion. Gallup was to headquarter his activities 
around Princeton University, intermeshing with the Office of 
Public Opinion Research/Institute for International Social 
Research/Psychology Department complex run by Hadley 
Cantril, who was destined to play an increasingly important 
role in developing the psychological profiling methods later 
to be used in manufacturing the Aquarian Conspiracy. 

In the same 1935-36 period, the first-time use was made of 
polling in presidential elections, un