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The myth of data security, data protection & privacy

Wer einmal lügt, dem glaubt man nicht, und wenn er auch die Wahrheit spricht.
Whoever lies once is not believed, even if he speaks the truth.

In order to identify a teenager who is a climate-activist, Proton handed over data to the government (under “terrorist law”).

The article above, which claims that Proton passed on the IP address of the “activist”, was posted on Twitter by someone. (ProtonMail has explicitly stated in its privacy policy that it does not log IP addresses.)

Proton’s CEO responded to the tweet:

After the case was denied by Protons CEO someone posted the actual police report which clearly shows what was going on:

Then the CEO admitted:

Proton now changed its IP-log statement:

Wikipeadia states: (accessed 24.11.2023)

Due to the encryption utilized, Proton Mail is unable to hand over the contents of encrypted emails under any circumstances, but according to Proton’s privacy policy, Proton Mail can be legally compelled to log IP addresses as part of a Swiss criminal investigation.[64] For this reason, the company strongly suggests that users who need to hide their identity from the Swiss government use their Tor hidden service/onion site. I

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directSciHub download

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See also:
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