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Racial Hygiene, Eugenics & Geopolitics

Fritz Gottlieb Karl Lenz (9 March 1887 in Pflugrade, Pomerania – 6 July 1976 in Göttingen, Lower Saxony) was a German geneticist, member of the Nazi Party, and influential specialist in eugenics in Nazi Germany.

Outline of Human Genetics and Racial Hygiene (Grundriss der menschlichen Erblichkeitslehre und Rassenhygiene)

Human reproduction and eugenics as a public issue: The contemporary reception of a German standard textbook on racial hygiene 1921–1941


Summary: Based on contemporary book reviews, the author analyses the reception of and impact exerted by the German standard textbook of eugenics in the inter-worldwar period, the two-volume «Human Heredity» («Menschliche Erblichkeitslehre und Rassenhygiene», München: Lehmanns, 1921–1940) written by Erwin Baur, Eugen Fischer and Fritz Lenz. Probably, this book consolidated racial hygiene as a scientific discipline and provided an important background legitimating both racial politics and legislation during the National Socialist regime in Germany.

This chapter examines the way human heredity was taught in the college-preparatory schools in Germany prior to and during the Third Reich, revealing that eugenics was taught even before the Nazi seizure of power. It shows that human genetics instruction at the secondary school level was a professional and ethical gray zone where the responsibility of biology teachers for inculcating their students with racial hygiene ideas comes into question.

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