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Aldous Huxley (Moksha, 1977): No more thinking – Everybody’s Happy Now

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No more thinking – just obey and conform

Everybody’s Happy Now
No more Mammy, no more Pappy:
Ain’t we lucky, ain’t we happy?
Everybody’s oh so happy,
Everybody’s happy now!
Sex galore, but no more marriages;
No more pushing baby carriages;
No one has to change a nappy
Ain’t we lucky, ain’t we happy:
Everybody’s happy now.
Dope for tea and dope for dinner,
Fun all night, and love and laughter;
No remorse, no morning after.
Where’s the sin, and who’s the sinner?
Everybody’s happy now!
Girls pneumatic, girls exotic,
Girls ecstatic, girls erotic
Hug me, Baby; make it snappy.
Everybody’s oh so happy,
Everybody’s happy now!
Lots to eat and hours for drinking
Soma cocktails–no more thinking.
~ Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley – a Fabian socialist advocating mind-control (a wolf in sheep’s clothing)

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