Aldous Huxley (Moksha, 1977): No more thinking – Everybody’s Happy Now

🔊 Read website aloud (Text-to-Speech synthesis) Everybody’s Happy Now No more Mammy, no more Pappy: Ain’t we lucky, ain’t we happy? Everybody’s oh so happy, Everybody’s happy now! Sex galore, but no more marriages; No more pushing baby carriages; No one has to change a nappy Ain’t we lucky, ain’t we happy: Everybody’s happy now. … Read More

Aldous Huxley – The Ultimate Revolution (Berkley Language Center, 1962)

🔊 Read website aloud (Text-to-Speech synthesis) Aldous Leonard Huxley (1962) The ultimate Revolution California, Berkeley Language Center 1 Adapted from: Speech Archive SA 0269 Key excerpts in the context of cognitive liberty & psychological manipulation: 2 “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, … Read More

Brave new world revisited (Aldous Huxley, 1958)

🔊 Read website aloud (Text-to-Speech synthesis) Contents   Foreword I Over-Population II Quantity, Quality, Morality III Over-Organization IV Propaganda in a Democratic Society V Propaganda Under a Dictatorship VI The Arts of Selling VII Brainwashing VIII Chemical Persuasion IX Subconscious Persuasion X Hypnopaedia XI Education for Freedom XII What Can Be Done? Foreword         The soul of … Read More

Julian Huxley, UNESCO, and Eugenics

🔊 Read website aloud (Text-to-Speech synthesis) “It is, however, essential that eugenics should be brought entirely within the borders of science, for, as already indicated, in the not very remote future the problem of improving the average quality of human beings is likely to become urgent; and this can only be accomplished by applying the … Read More

Darwin-Huxley-Garlton-Wedgewood ‘s genealogy

🔊 Read website aloud (Text-to-Speech synthesis) Family-pedigree based mapping Family based QTL mapping, or Family-pedigree based mapping (Linkage and association mapping), involves multiple families instead of a single family. Family based QTL mapping has been the only way for mapping of genes where experimental crosses are difficult to make. However, due to some advantages, now … Read More

Aldous Huxley – The Ultimate Revolution (Berkeley Speech 1962)

🔊 Read website aloud (Text-to-Speech synthesis) Related References Baker, R. S., & Bedford, S.. (1975). Aldous Huxley. Contemporary Literature Plain numerical DOI: 10.2307/1207614 DOI URL directSciHub download Kooistra, J.. (1931). Aldous Huxley. English Studies Plain numerical DOI: 10.1080/00138383108596583 DOI URL directSciHub download Huxley, A.. (2015). Brave New World By Aldous Huxley. The Independent Plain numerical … Read More

Huxley’s letter to Orwell

🔊 Read website aloud (Text-to-Speech synthesis) Orwell vs. Huxley (1984 vs. Brave New World) Orwell’s dystopian vision of the future described in his classic “novel” 1984 is based on totalitarian suppression which does not recoil from physical violence to suppress peoples freedom. In Huxley’s “Brave New World”, on the other hand, this is no longer … Read More

On ‘modified human agents’: John Lilly and the paranoid style in American neuroscience

🔊 Read website aloud (Text-to-Speech synthesis) Williams, C.. (2019). On ‘modified human agents’: John Lilly and the paranoid style in American neuroscience. History of the Human Sciences, 32(5), 84–107. Plain numerical DOI: 10.1177/0952695119872094 DOI URL directSciHub download This article was adapted from a chapter of the PhD thesis Battles for the Mind: Brainwashing Altered States … Read More