According to Prof. Rainer Mausfeld:

The educational system is only one aspect of the much more far-reaching indoctrination systems. Since these are inhuman and serve goals that run counter to the nature of our spirit and thus human nature, they go along almost inevitably with violent mental follow-up costs. These indoctrination systems could be described as neoliberal indoctrination systems. Neoliberalism aims at producing consumers who only find a social identity as consumers in a socially atomized society. In the perverted freedom concept of neoliberalism, the “freedom” of a person in submitting to the powers of the “free market” is to be “free” from all social bonds. If the “market” fails, it cannot be made responsible for that breakdown. Failure must be ascribed to individual breakdown. Such an attitude can only be spread at the price of psychic disinformation, particular social fears, anxieties and depressions

Much of the literature in support of neoliberalism relies on the idea that neoliberal market logic improves a very narrow monetized conception of performance.

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